There are so many to choose from! Let us categorize them for you and

take the stress out of setting up your pottying space.

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Potties are divided by category below: 

Basic Potty

Potty with Insert

Potty for Elimination Communication

Toilet Seat Reducer

Travel Potty

Specialty Potty


Basic Potty (no insert):

Basic potties are the most simple, and cheapest option. If money is the most important factor, go simple. But, that lack of cost comes with a "price tag". The $5 IKEA potty has been known to crack. Also, basic potties are often the culprit for extra messes in the bathroom, when self-sufficient "I do" declaring toddlers want to help clean-up by themselves and can't maneuver the whole potty to dump into the toilet.

Earth-lover's choice: (get it "be-eco" = Beco :))

The BecoPotty is made of biodegradable materials! It has a small edge that functions as a splash guard in front, and a seat back. If you're looking for a child "squatty potty", this is the closest thing on the market right now. You do need to rinse it well! Because of its non-plastic construction it tends to absorb scents moreso than a traditional plastic potty. Available in a few different colors.


If money is the most important factor. IKEA has the cheapest potty chair option around. If battling the maze of IKEA isn't your thing Jenay at Naturally Diaper Free has them available to come straight to your doorstep!

An ok-made potty with an insert. Not a great long-term solution as far as wear and tear goes, but a simple and decently made mini-potty that will assuredly get the job done.

Potty with Insert:

These are potties that have inserts that are removable. This is very supportive of the developmental abilites of toddlers ages 14+ months who want to be independent. These types of potties support "Montessori style" learning in that child are given the resources to do tasks independently.

* Editor's Choice * (for a non-biodegradable potty). This potty is a little bit more bulky, but it has a back, which is great for long sits on the potty. Like all Baby Bjorn products, it is well made. It wouldn't easily tip over. It has slip grips on the bottom, so the potty doesn't wiggle around. It has an insert, which makes it easy to clean out.


The Lockig is the most basic of potty seats with inserts. It has basic non-slip grip on the bottom and has a raised part for the insert so that is a bit easier to remove. If you don't want to battle the maze of IKEA, order from my Jenay over at Naturally Diaper Free.

Potty for Elimination Communication:

These potties are specifically made to potty babies. They can work for ages 0-18 months, depending on the size of your child. They are meaning to be used holding a child. These are great for parents who are practicing Elimination Communication. They are much smaller than "mini potties" and can feasibly replace diapers in your "diaper bag" if you are practicing EC full-time. Even for those part-time ECers this is the one staple product that will help you see success quicker, and with less mess.


Toilet Seat Reducers:

These are GREAT to have at home, or at Grandma's, your sister-in-law's, etc.  as they make learning to potty independently much easier. Seat reducers are often the "cure" to boys who won't sit still on a potty chair, or kids who tend to get up mid-poop, only to leave you with a mess following behind them.

The Potty School's pick** This sturdy, ergonomic seat reducer is well made. No concerns about cracking. The outside rim has an impressively non-slip surface. There's a handle, so you can hang it up. The best part is the dial on the back that adjusts to the size of the specific toilet you're using.

If you have, or plan to have, more than one little in your home this worth every penny. There's no need to store the seat reducer anywhere because it's actually part of the potty. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, this is great addition to your home. The Potty School is working on an initiative to have such seats added to public restroom stalls as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Can you imagine how much easier potty training would be if these were readily accessible? What if they were ready for you at relatives' houses too, just awaiting your little one's arrival?

For kids sensitive to a hard surface, this soft, wipeable, seat reducer is a good option. It has a high splash guard, but isn't as wide of a splash guard as the Baby Bjorn Toilet Seat Reducer. It has a sort of "leaning rim" along the back to help the child not slip.

Travel Potty:

Are you an on-the-go parent? Do you spend at lot of time at the beach, or at parks? Do you have more than one child? Travel potties are great for on-the-go parents who might need to sneak in a potty trip behind a beach towel, or even in the SUV, so that you can head to your next activity. Never be caught on a freeway without a travel potty! Who knows when you'll be stuck in a car with a little who "needs to go!" but nowhere in sight to go.

If you're only going to buy one potty, we recommend this 2-in-1 travel potty & seat reducer that folds up small, the Potette Plus:

For Special Needs families, please contact The Potty School directly so we can make recommendations based on your child's needs.

This is a "basic" potty gone wild! This 3-in-1 potty functions as a potty, the top comes off as a seat reducer, and, if you flip the lid down it becomes a step-stool. It has a spot for a deodorizer inside the lid as well. The mother of all "basic" potties and a 2016 "Mom's Choice" award winner.