7 Tips That Will Alter the Way YOU Potty Train

7 Hints That Will Alter The Way You Potty Train

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7 Hints That Will Alter The Way You Potty Train

previously published on The Potty School's Facebook Page on Small Business Saturday

7 Hints that will alter the way you potty train the potty school

Tip #1: Don't Potty Train Without a Plan

It's easy to jump into new things thinking we'll wing it...but with potty training it really is the first time that your child is choosing to do something both physically and developmentally. Make sure you have a plan ready to put into action before you start.

And make sure both you and your co-parent agree on the methodology in advance to avoid parental disagreements in the midst of potty training.

...we do provide help...we provide a service called a Pottying Plan, check it out here.


Tip #2: Get Your House Ready Before Your Start

Email us here to get access to our "Is Your House Potty Training Ready?" Checklist! (put "House Ready Checklist in the Title)

From undies & stretchy waist-pants to clean-up supplies for both your kiddo and your house - you can do all of that leg work ahead of time and reduce to-dos and stress in the moment


Tip #3: Have Some House-Friendly Activities to do, Ready in Advance

You can go so far as to block out by the hour what you're doing to do at home all (besides give that kiddo chances to go potty), but just having some simple things lined up and thought about in advance will do wonders.

Something to think about is choosing activities that won't "change" if you get up instantaneously to go make a potty trip. Something like Legos and playdough can be fun, but often require a child's full attention. Think of things like books and dolls and cars that won't be in interrupting the middle of project.

Tip #4: Don't Go this Alone!

Have a support system in place BEFORE you start potty training. Make sure you have at least the following set-up ahead of time:

* Someone to check-in with during naptime and after your child goes to bed to decompress with talk about any frustrations
* Have someone on your support team who has experience potty training and can help you trouble shoot (not just moral support)
* Look for a place that you can be encouraged by others who are in a similar state of potty training as you. (We sponsor a Potty Training Support Group, join for free here!)


Tip #5: Don't Be Determined to Have Your Child Pee in a Certain Place

Yes, we want that pee to go in a socially acceptable place, but it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be on the big potty, or on the cute mini potty you purchased.

Let potty training be a journey that you adjust things along the way. Start off with a plan, but be willing to adjust things as you go as well.

Though most boys end up standing once potty trained, many boys potty train more easily (and less messily) by learning to pee sitting down, or even backwards so they can watch it.

Sometimes kids who are constipated will want to poo using a mini-potty just once to help get it out, and then revert back to a seat reducer on the big toilet.

Be willing to go with the flow a bit.


Tip #6: Get Your Child Excited!

Sometimes parents talk about potty training as though it were a horrible disease, or a bad divorce.

Potty training is a milestone - the first one that you can really guide your child through along with them.

Take advantage of a child's can-do attitude and desire to learn about EVERYTHING by teaching them parts that they can do all on their own. They can start learning how to pull up and push down their pants.

They can count the squares of toilet paper.

They can learn to wash their hands after pottying.

They can learn to turn on and off the bathroom light.

They can learn to be poilet when telling you they need to use the bathroom, even if it's in a quick way.

They can learn these things...and you can be the one to help teach them.


Tip #7: Don't Blame Procrastination on Your Child's Inabilities

Our children are SOOO very capable. Choosing when to start potty training can be a touchy subject and has been the subject of many a Mommy War.

The point here is that sometimes we mommas can put things off and say it's because "our child's just not ready" when really, they are totally capable, we just haven't given them the chance.

We encourage you to give your child the chance...and to give yourself the chance to make this a positive experience. (Don't know how? We offer a one-on-one Pottying Package, learn more here)

No discouraging self-talking. No belittling your child's capabilities.

Your child is so very capable, don't hide inexperience for incapability.



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