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You don't have to go this alone. We know littles can make it hard to even get to the shower, let alone an appointment...on time!

When you take your child to the doctor because they are "sick" a doctor doesn't always recommend giving them aspirin. There are different diagnoses for each child's unique situation. 

The same is true with potty's not one-size fits all. 

Maybe you've tried, and are stuck. Maybe you don't know where to begin. Maybe you've completed daytime, but need nighttime help. Or. perhaps your child has special needs and you need specialized support.

Whatever the case, personalized consultations help you to expedite your potty training process, making it a more enjoyable process and of course, more effective as well.

Before a consultation we ask parents to complete the in-take questionnaire (it will be emailed to the address you provide below) in order to minimize the time spent gathering information during a consultation, and maximize advice, and listening time. 

You will be invoiced directly to the email address that you provide and we will set-up a time to talk from there.

Personalized consultations are $120/hour for phone/video chat consultations. The minimum amount of time is a 30-minute increment.  ***The $10 off coupon will be included in your invoice, available until 11:59pm PST, Monday, May 29th. ***

In-home consultations are available on a very limited basis (in Orange County, CA, and elsewhere, with client-paid consultant expenses TBD). Please use the Contact Us page for inquiries about in-home consultations, and pricing.

If you have questions about consultations, feel free to submit an inquiry via the Contact Us page.

Consultations are the PERFECT chance to ask specific questions about how to start when potty training, how to prepare, consult about what products to purchase and of course troubleshooting specific problems that you may run into, or anything else! Ask away!

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