Are you a loving parent who's frustrated because you're not sure how to move your kiddo toward potty independence?

The Potty School can help.

People come to us from around the world to ask potty training advice that is personalized, helpful and leads to success (and it's always confidential).

A personalized consultation is for the mama who desires private, one-on-one, child-specific advice and suggestions.

There's no "one-size-fits-all" method. Personalized consultations take into account your Pottying Personality, parental preferences and family values and offer specific step-by-step suggestions for how you can begin, troubleshoot or finish up your family's pottying journey.


How do Personalized Consultations work (logistics)?

(1) You submit your request through the form above (or below).

(2) An invoice for the consultation type you selected will be auto-generated and on its way to your inbox asap!

(3) Once the invoice is received, you'll be given an in-take questionnaire to complete with basic information about your family's pottying journey. From there our brains will be churning and creating the thoughts and ideas that will inspire our consultation.

(4) Once the in-take questionnaire is received you'll be given a link to select your consultation time, at time most convenient for you, and based on our availability as well. (Timeslots vary based on consultations booked, but there are early morning, late afternoon and evening slots available. Early morning sometimes can be accommodated on an as-needed basis).

(5) Once we're booked, we'll call you at the number given on your in-take questionnaire (and if you want a co-parent to join us, they're welcome too! No extra cost!)

We look forward to talking with you about your specific situation and your child in order to gear our advice to your unique situation.

Personalized Consultation Reservation Form

Personalized consultations are $70 for 30-minutes, or $120 for one-hour. In-home consultations are available on a limited basis (prices below).

To start the consultation process, you can book below, for further questions us the "contact us" page here.

"I would like to thank you again for our chat/consultation. We have hit a major improvement in potty training our daughter, whereby she is now asking to go toilet (which she never did previously) and also going with minimal accidents, if any at all. She has also been at nursery all day today, and not one accident. I couldn't be more proud of her, but also go glad the potty training challenge and our consultation helped me!"

-Dee (London, England - United Kingdom)


My co-parent thinks I'm do I convince them this is a good thing!

(scroll down to the last question...)


I'm not sure my child is even ready to potty train - can you help me figure that out?

Absolutely! We love talking to researching parents and those just curious about the whole process.


How old does my child need to be in order for you to help?

We'd be happy to consult with you about your pottying options - from anything from 0-18 months and chatting about elimination communication and what it is, to 18-30 for traditional "potty training" how-to's tips, advice, planning and troubleshooting (any aspect of potty training) to more focused trouble-shooting for ages 31 months - 6 years. Please note, if you child is having pottying past age 6 years, we require you see a physician before consulting with The Potty School.


Is there an extra cost for special needs children? 

Absolutely not. We believe that each child has his own abilities and parents of special needs children have enough "extra" stuff they have to deal with besides an extra fee for the way their sweet little one was born. There is no extra fee for special needs children.


Is there an extra cost for twins, multiples, training two children of different ages?

No, not really. Let us clarify. We like to focus on one child per consultation, if possible. But, if you have multiples or are training more than one child, then we require a one-hour consultation in order to accommodate providing quality advice for both children. Jamming two children's personalities and difference into a 30-minute consult just isn't fair to you,. Experience tells us, it gets too confusing and we are far more productive with our time, if we have enough of it and aren't rushing through. That said, there is not an "extra" fee, but there is a minimum amount of time.


I don't get it. Do you come to my house?

We can! You can select the option you're interested in above. Whether it's a phone/video chat, or an in-person option is up to you (prices based on services selected). If you'd like more options, you can email here.


A 30-minute or 1-hour option is nice, but I'd like MORE support phone/video chat/email! Do you offer packages? 

Yes! Please email here and we'll let you know more about our current package offerings, or we can create a package, just for your family!


My co-parent/spouse thinks I'm nuts for doing do I convince him/her?

The short answer is, if you lived two generations ago it would be crazy for you to hire The Potty School…but we don’t. We don’t live in an in-tact society where aunts, unwed siblings, a mother, maybe even a grandmother and a nice church-lady are at your beck and call to help with potty training. Many of our clients don’t have a “back-up” person to call on for potty training advice, other than a babysitter, or nanny – who may, or may not be willing/capable of helping. Or they have so much "help" they're overwhelmed at the options! 

In corporate America there are meetings, assistants, project managers, training events, even “morale-boosting” events. In mothering, it’s hard to find those things. Consider your investment in The Potty School like calling in a private consultant who you know can effectively and more seamlessly get the job done, training the “staff” along the way. Plus, but “not doing anything” you are actually making a decision to not only not potty train your child, but you’re choosing to change diapers, believe that your child is incapable of potty training (even though over ½ the world is potty trained by 1-year old), and choosing to pay anywhere from $50-$100/month on diapering.

A professional potty trainer is much like a sleep consultant. Sleep Consulting is an industry mostly because our society has focused on education, and employment, not teaching the how-to’s of home management or parenting skills. You probably weren’t born into a large family where you helped to potty train a younger sibling, or possibly you’ve never even seen one being potty trained first-hand.

No wonder potty training is often linked to cases of child abuse, because of parents’ frustration over not knowing what to do and wondering why their child doesn’t just “get it.” Children of their own accord don’t naturally choose diapering, we choose that for them. Diapering companies have convinced us to train our children into diapers, but who is there to help us train them out of diapers?

That’s where The Potty School steps in. We learn about your specific family, and child. First we listen to what you’ve tried, what your preferences are, and what your goals are, then we chime in and help you step-by-step regarding anything having to do with your child’s pottying journey – from before you start potty training, to full pottying independence, and everything in-between. If your co-parent has further questions, your co-parent can always ask questions here.

Honored to join you on your family's pottying journey,

~ Michelle Swaney

Mama of 3 and CEO of The Potty School


*** In-home consultations are available on a very limited basis (in Orange County, CA, and elsewhere, with client-paid consultant expenses TBD). Please use the Contact Us page for inquiries about in-home consultations, and pricing for travel.

Personalized consultations are $70 for 30-minutes, or $120 for one-hour. In-home consultations are available on a limited basis (prices below).

To start the consultation process, you can book below, for further questions us the "contact us" page here.

Personalized Consultation Reservation Form

Personalized consultations are $70 for 30-minutes, or $120 for one-hour. In-home consultations are available on a limited basis (prices below).

To start the consultation process, you can book below, for further questions us the "contact us" page here.

Heather W it seriously changed the game the potty school

"The Potty School helped me get through our potty training regression! My daughter potty trained early and easily and I thought we were in the clear, so I was totally unprepared when she went through a regression with her bowel movements about 6 months later. I researched and tried different things but was not successful and I was becoming increasingly frustrated as weeks went by. I contacted The Potty School and her simple suggestions made an immediate change for us!  Having someone troubleshoot alongside us was both helpful and reassuring!"

- Kristin (Tustin, CA)

"I cannot even begin to tell you how much...the monthly subscription group helped me!! I was so nervous going into potty training with my son and the preparation, support, encouragement and information were key in an easy and seamless transition from diapers to undies!! Would have been a wreck without this group. Plus, Michelle is so awesome, giving of her time even tho she's a mom of three and has so many tricks up her sleeve. I still hear her voice when I'm taking my son potty!!

~ Elizabeth (Pasadena, CA, USA)

"I just wanted to let you know that one of the parents that attended your potty training at Mitchell Child Development Center implemented what you presented at our training and now her son is fully potty trained. She wanted me to let you know that what you shared with the parents was very effective and she wanted to thank you for helping her in the potty training process. It made my day when she approached me and I told her I would pass the message on to you. Thank you for helping our parents!"

- Lisa Trann

Mitchell Child Development Center (Santa Ana, CA)

[referring to talk given to parents of special needs children, many on the Autism spectrum]


"Michelle not only has a heart of GOLD that really cares about your child and YOUR parenting style - her information is PLATINUM in helping you find the tools and tricks that educate and support you (in my opinion) one of the hardest aspects of early childhood parenting!"

Megan Elizabeth (Gilbertsville, PA)

Owner of Above Rubies


Heather Waldenmayer consultation

"We went from 'I love squishy poop in my diaper!' to...

"Awesome video!!! Thanks for sharing your journey. You're a strong mama and I'm thankful for how you've been sharing your knowledge!!!! I've not posted much cause... drum roll... [My child]'s potty trained!!!! He went from only going in his diaper to 24 hours later never wearing a diaper again!!!! We are officially diaper free at bedtime for both twins too!!! ...Thanks!"

-Jill (Hanoi, Vietnam, mama of twins, living abroad)

"Being a part of The Potty School Members' Club was a fantastic experience. Not only was I able to have access to great resources, but I also saw what other mums were experiencing and how they made it through. I was truly inspired by those who were successful in their journey and it made me persevere while potty training because I saw when other mums were having a difficult time and were offered so much support and encouragement, which gave me hope! All and all I highly recommend this investment in your child, family and finances [money saved from diapering]. It is truly worth every dollar! Thank you The Potty School."

- Hemmings Family (Caman Islands)

Founder of I'm a Mum

"Michelle is passionate about Potty Training and genuinely wants to help you!! She is a wonderful mama to her 3 littles and still makes time to answer all your questions. She is a true cheerleader on your potty training adventure."

- Nicole (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

"Thank you so much! It helped us get on the same page and stay the course - not going back to daytime diapers, even when it's difficult...a lightbulb has finally gone off for my two-year-old son. He's got it and is initiating too!"

- Jenn (Orange County, CA)

Personalized Consultation Reservation Form