Potty Training Supplies (18+ months)

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In many countries all you need to potty train is (1) a child and (2) the location you're in.

But, let's be a little more realistic about our culture...most of us aren't regularly pottying children in the jungle, or allowing them to pee in the street. Each person will choose to use different "tools" to get the job done and get the poo's and pee's in a socially acceptable location. Below are The Potty School's suggestions by type of product. *Note* This post contains affiliate links (you will not be charged an additional fee, but The Potty School will make a small portion of your sale. We really appreciate you using these links! Thank you!)

I'd say the "top 5" are what you'd really want to invest in (mind you, you'll be getting your babe out of diapers/wipes months earlier than average - a monthly savings of anywhere from $50-$100/month!), and the others are nice, and help with certain stages, but not essential.

The Potty School's "top 5 Gentle Potty Training Tools" List:

(1) a potty training plan: Not sure where to start? Email: thepottyschool@godiaperfree.com for information about taking a "potty training choices" questionnaire & receiving personalized feedback suggestions as to how to start your potty training plan.

The class Gentle Potty Training 101 is based on the book: The Tiny Potty Training Book: a simple guide for non-coercive potty training, which includes the total how-to, images and access to the book-owner's resources online, including the support group & digital assests like videos and photos. This book was written by Andrea Olson, who teaches the Go Diaper Free Certification program. GET 15% off your total purchase at www.godiaperfree.com by using the coupon code TPS15WEBSITE.

(2) a mini potty (aka "little potty"):, for in-the-bathroom, and potentially another for on-the-go for in the trunk of your car (can be purchased at the link below, from "Naturally Diaper Free" or from the Amazon image at the bottom of the page).

(3) a toilet seat reducer: for your house and potentially another for Grandma's house, or somewhere else your child spends time (can be purchased at the link below, from "Naturally Diaper Free" or from the Amazon image at the bottom of the page).

(4) back-up options: cloth diaper s, disposable diapers, pre-folds & cloth diaper cover of some sort, and/or pre-folds w/a "diaper belt" (can be purchased at the link below, from "Naturally Diaper Free" or from the Amazon image at the bottom of the page).
www.NaturallyDiaperFree.com *

(5) Undies! Tiny Undies starting at size 6 months - 3 years.


*If you purchase through the affiliate links below, a small percentage will go to The Potty School (this will NOT affect how much you pay, and part of the proceeds will go to off-set the cost of running the free potty training support group: Go Diaper Free Orange County). Thank you!

Top Hat Potty

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Diaper Belt (Organic Cotton)

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Tiny Undies



Non-Coercive Potty Training Supplies


Table of Contents
Diaper Back-up 2

Disposable Diapers

Seventh Generation

Cloth Diapers

Bum Genius
Clothing 6

Underwear and Training Pants 10
Potties 11
Pads 15
Wipes 17
Creams 18
Swimwear 19
Accessories (General Baby Stuff) 20
Carriers for Babywearing 22
Board Books (for babies + kids) 24
Instructional Books (for parents) 25

tiny undies


baby bjorn seat reducer

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