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Short Bio of Michelle Swaney, founder of The Potty School:


Michelle Swaney is the CEO of The Potty School, a Potty Training Consultant, Speaker, Teacher of in-person & online classes, and the creator of the Potty Training Support Group where she helps over 2,300 motivated mamas (and some dads), move toward the next step on their family’s pottying journey…ultimately toward potty independence.

Michelle is passionate about helping mamas to embrace their Pottying Personality, through a Meyers-Briggs®-like quiz in order to potty train with a style and method that is most effective, and enjoyable, for their family and specific child…ultimately leading to pottying independence, while making the journey one based on building a bond and connection with their child.

Michelle doesn’t do her job because she loves poop and pee, but she does it because she loves being able to help parents learn to communicate with their children from a young age and loves to reduce children’s dependence upon diapers. Curtailing diaper use has saved her clients an average of $50-$100 per month, while simultaneously reducing their eco-footprint—two great reasons to smile!

Michelle is your go-to gal when it comes to learning how to mind your child’s “pees” and “poos”!



Michelle is your go-to gal when it comes to learning how to mind your child’s “pees” and “poos”!

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Long Media Bio

Michelle Swaney is the creator of the Potty Training Assessment Tool: Pottying Personality Quiz, the creator of the staple product Potty Training Video Series, a practical step-by-step video series that is proven to help struggling/confused parents get on track with potty training, and the brains behind the Potty Training Support Group, a community of over 2,300 motivated mamas (and some dads too!) wanting to effectively and compassionately potty train their kiddos to both day and night completion.

Michelle created The Potty School as a place to be free to ask any questions. As a graduate of the University of California, Davis’ Honors Challenge she excelled in the workplace, becoming a project manager at the age of 24, but soon realized after getting married and taking a birthing class, that the world of parenting was something of a new world.

On her first trip to Nicaragua in 2000, Michelle followed around a mama of multiple “diaper-wearing-aged” children in order to learn how this mama managed off of just one cloth diaper a day. She learned, what she now knows was, “elimination communication.” She learned of how sound associations can be made to help a child learn, even as early as birth how to potty via verbal or visual cues, or reminders.

As one of her own children was medically fragile as a newborn, there were concerns of delayed language and physical development. She knew that hunkering down and taking care of her child’s basic needs, including her pottying needs, as early as possible, would be a way to show love and compassion to her daughter.

She has since learned to expand her knowledge of Elimination Communication and to incorporate it more fully into traditional “potty training” for those with special needs – either physical needs, or those on the autism spectrum.

Speaking has been a joy as she shares her hard-earned knowledge and know-how with others who are just beginning their journeys.

Today, Michelle is an in-demand speaker and potty training consultant & teacher, in addition to her roles as business owner, wife, mother and from time-to-time volunteer host mom as well.

Immediately, Michelle forms a connection with her consulting clients and in-class students. She understands the woes of being a mama….of feeling like what you’re doing is never enough, that it’s under-appreciated, or maybe not what’s best. She herself feels the pressures of the Orange County, California life of wanting what’s the best for your child. She understands what it’s like to toss and turn at night over parenting challenges and wonder “is this even worth it?!”

Her understanding, hands-on experience and realistic approach make her the perfect guide to help you determine a family-specific method that brings pottying independence to your child, in a peaceful way.

As a professional potty trainer, consultant, teacher and speaker, Michelle addresses both the exterior and interior struggles that make potty training “so hard”. She addresses the mama-heart and how that can affect a parent’s ability to potty train. Mothers and fathers from around the globe have used Michelle’s potty training strategies, approaches and methods in order to not only get rid of diapers, but do so in a way that increases communication and is a bonding experience for parent and child.

Through her assessment, Michelle helps clients to determine where they are at in the pottying process, establish a baseline, set realistic goals and a timeline, determine a strategy and develop a system of caregiver/parent communication, all while helping families to prioritize & meet their family’s pottying goals.

When she isn’t running the biz side of The Potty School or helping other mamas to potty train their kiddos, Michelle loves being with her three children, Timothy, Poema and Sierra and spending time with her husband, Matt.

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  • An overview of Potty Training Options
  • When to Start? Elimination Communication or Potty Training?
  • How-to Create a Potty Training Plan for Your Family



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